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[HOWTO] Completely remove OSD from cluster

Name: [HOWTO] Completely remove OSD from cluster
Description: HOW TO Completely remove OSD from cluster (hardcore edition)
Modification date :07/06/2018
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Tags:ceph, object storage
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Instructions are copy/paste

What are the steps to remove an OSD from an RHCS cluster?

There can be various reasons to remove an OSD from an RHCS cluster, and the following steps show how to do it:

1. Stop the OSD process

sudo /etc/init.d/ceph stop osd.{X} # where {X} is the OSD number


sudo systemctl stop ceph-osd@{X} # where {X} is the OSD number

2.Mark the OSD out

ceph osd out {X} # where {X} is the OSD number

3.Confirm if the OSD is indeed marked out with

ceph -w

Important: Wait for data rebalance to complete and all the PG's to come back active+clean, before moving to next steps.

4. [OPTIONAL] Remove the OSD from the crush map

Step 4 is only needed if OSD is getting permanently removed from the cluster and will not be redeployed

ceph osd crush remove osd.{X}

If OSD is being redeployed and because of that need removal then skip step 4 it will keep OSD in the CRUSH map as DNE and will not cause data rebalance because of CRUSH map update. Only addition of OSD will cause data movement.

5.Remove the authentication key for the OSD

ceph auth del osd.{X}

6.Confirm that the keys for OSD.{X} are not listed

ceph auth list

7.Remove the OSD from the OSD map

ceph osd rm {X}

8.If the procedure is used for replacing the OSD disk then please unmount this osd disk which you want to replace

umount /var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-{x}
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