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[SCRIPT] Project

Name: [SCRIPT] Project
Description: the way to deploy a war
Modification date :18/10/2018
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Tags: cloud-init


Project CloneWars borns on the necessity of a fast way to deploy VM's and make them available to SaltStack.
This project is “just” the whole manual deploy in a big-red-button-mode script.
So the script is able of:

  • Connect the CVM
  • Fully customize a new cloud-init.yaml template, that is:
    • Add the ip address
    • Add a pre-set of packages
    • Add bofher user
    • Upgrade the system
    • Connect with salt-master
  • Ask (if not forced) before droping a previously existing VM.
  • Create the new VM in ANY nutanix cluster (actually: nuclu, nuvcc, datacenter_01)
  • Auto-identify the network name (if it fails to identify, will exits)
  • Auto-select the nutanix container (very simple)
  • Optionally:
    • Change RAM
    • Add another disk
    • Change cores
    • Change cpu's

Help on the script

From salt-master:

avmlm-salt-001 /home/bofher/scripts/CloneWars # bash -c CVM_NAME_OR_IP -h TARGET_HOSTNAME -i TARGET_IPADDRESS -m NETWORK_NETMASK [-n NETWORK_NAME] [-d xxxGB] [-r xxxxMB] [-v x] [-o x] [-F] [-O] [-A]
  MANDATORY parameters are:
        -c CVM_NAME_OR_IP       Cvm of the target Nutanix cluster
        -h TARGET_HOSTNAME      Name for the new VM
        -i TARGET_IPADDRESS     Network address of the new VM
        -m NETWORK_NETMASK      Netmask of the Network in which the VM will live
  OPTIONAL parameters are:
        -n NETWORK_NAME         Network Name as shown in 'acli net.list' on nutanix, if not passed will try to atuo-identify
        -F                      Force (noprompt) deletion of the vm if exists
        -O                      PowerON the vm after creating it
        -A                      NOT Add to ipam after creating
        -d xxxGB                Add a disk of xxx(gb) in size, GB is not necessary (Disk will be added in the same container as the 1st disk)
        -r xxxxMB               Customize the vm RAM with xxxxMB
        -v x                    Customize the vm with x Virtual CPUs
        -o x                    Customize the vm with x cOres (per Virtual CPUs)

All te parameters are self-explanatory (I think)

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