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Salt Installation

Install Salt-Master

Salt packages are available from most repositories. Also, the last stable version can be installed from salt bootstrap this way:

# Download and install
curl -L -o
sudo sh -P -M
# Open firewall ports
firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=4505-4506/tcp

-P installs 'pip' as dependency. Otherwhise install may fail.
-M means that it will install the 'master' daemon aswell.

Install Salt-Minion

# Download and install
curl -L -o
sudo sh -P

Currently, there is a CNAME registry named 'salt' in zone, so further configuration shouldn't be needed.

In case that a server where not using DNS and search domain, the salt-master address can be specified in the configuration file /etc/salt/minion:


Accept minion keys (from master)

To list all keys:

sudo salt-key --list all

To accept ALL keys:

sudo salt-key --accept-all

Testing (ping) minions and running commands

To test connectivity with minions you can ping them from the master:

sudo salt '*'

As minions are usually named by its DNS resolved name and are by default case sensitive, you can use regex to specify the minion id:

sudo salt -E '(?i)av*' grains.get hostname
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