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Useful SALT commands (cheatsheet) and recipes

Name: Useful SALT commands (cheatsheet) and recipes
Description: Cheatsheet of SALT commands and quick recipes
Modification date :15/10/2018
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Minion information

List Running minions

salt-run manage.up

List minion grains

salt '<HOSTNAME>'

Ping minion

salt '<HOSTNAME>'

Working with minions (Modules)

SALT.MODULES.CMDMOD (remote execution)

Run OS commands on minion

salt '*' "<COMMAND>"

Double quotes must be used to run “complex” commands:

salt '*' "ip ad"

Like running remote commands with ssh

SALT.MODULES.PKG (software management)

List installed packages

No wildcard/regexp available, sorry:

salt '*' pkg.list_pkgs

Install packages

salt '*' pkg.install 'PKGNAME'

Search package

No functcion available, use instead:

salt '*' 'yum search PKGNAME'

Uninstall/Remove packages

salt '*' pkg.remove 'PKGNAME'

SALT.MODULES.FILE (File management)

Copy files

salt '*' file.copy /path/to/origin.file /path/to/destination.file

SALT.MODULES.USERADD (Adding users module)

SALT.MODULES.DISK (block device management)

SALT.MODULES.SYSTEMD (systemd/systemctl management)
Systemd is managed through the META-MODULE service.

Restart a service

if you want that salt restart the service (dont' make me talk about systemd :-(), use force_reload

salt '*' service.force_reload SERVICENAME


More info in its own page.

States location


Apply TOP state

salt '<HOSTNAME>' state.apply

Apply named state

salt '<HOSTNAME>' state.apply <STATE_NAME>

Working with keys

Accept all keys

salt-key -A

List keys (any state)


Drop key

salt-key -d


Install CylancePROTECT in CentOS6/7 or Ubuntu 14.04/16.04

Example for installing CylancePROTECT in all Crypta-INTG servers.

Please, take note that the targeting is only based on the hostname.
If you need to do a more accurate targeting take a look at this.

From SALT Master run:

sudo salt -E '(?i)accli*' file.makedirs /opt/cylance/
sudo salt -E '(?i)accli*' cp.get_file salt://cylance/config_defaults.txt /opt/cylance/config_defaults.txt
sudo salt -E '(?i)accli*' cp.get_file salt://cylance/CylancePROTECT.el{{grains.osmajorrelease}}.rpm /opt/cylance/CylancePROTECT.el{{grains.osmajorrelease}}.rpm template=jinja
sudo salt -E '(?i)accli*' "yum -y install /opt/cylance/CylancePROTECT.el{{grains.osmajorrelease}}.rpm" template=jinja


sudo salt -E '(?i)avclp-gray*' file.makedirs /opt/cylance/
sudo salt -E '(?i)avclp-gray*' cp.get_file salt://cylance/config_defaults.txt /opt/cylance/config_defaults.txt
sudo salt -E '(?i)avclp*' cp.get_file "salt://cylance/cylance-protect.{{grains.osrelease | regex_replace('\.','') }}.x86_64.deb" "/opt/cylance/cylance-protect.{{grains.osrelease | regex_replace('\.','') }}.x86_64.deb" template=jinja
#The followinf line is optional, only if Cylance instalation fails at module insert
sudo salt -E '(?i)avclp*' "sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get -y install libxml2-utils make gcc linux-headers-generic"
sudo salt -E '(?i)avclp*' "dpkg -i /opt/cylance/cylance-protect.{{grains.osrelease | regex_replace('\.','') }}.x86_64.deb" template=jinja
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